Leather Furniture

Leather Furniture

Leather Furniture

The purpose of purchasing leather furniture may vary for each individual. Some people may want to purchase leather furniture because of the luxury and sophistication attached to it. On the other hand, some people seek leather furniture because of the durability and quality it features. Before you decide on what to buy and what not to, here are a few guidelines on buying leather furniture.

If you don’t already know, leather is a by-product coming from the beef industry. Leather comes from the hides that would have gone to waste. These hides undergo a process where they are transformed to leather. This process is called tanning. It makes use of a tannin-rich bark or something similar, to do the trick. Now, while the process is pretty much similar, the results are different. Leathers aren’t created equal. There are those that retain the original markings or grains while others remove the grain to make it appear the same in each and every output. Here’s a quick excerpt on the various types of leather.

Full Grain is the most coveted of all types of leather. It can have marks like scars, wrinkles, bug bites, etc. But why is it the most popular choice if there are marks left on the leather? It’s simply because the markings make full grain leather unique and special. Not only that, but it has a palpable texture ideal for leather furniture.

The Top Grain is another type of leather used in leather furniture. This doesn’t refer to the quality of grade of the leather but refers to the cut of the hide. Just make sure when buying leather furniture, ensure the cushions, back, and the large visible areas are really top grain cut and not split of vinyl added fabrics.

Another type of leather is the Aniline dyed leather. It can also be used in furniture. This is the kind of leather which has been dyed all throughout. Keep in mind that the higher grade of leather means a softer material and more expensive as well.

The Antiqued is another type of leather that is made from dying the leather twice. The first dye consists of a light color while the second one makes use of a darker shade to give that dimension of wood. The process of dying or making antiqued leather is distressing. It is also sometimes referred to as distressed leather.

NuBuck is a type of leather that is created when the outer part of the hide is buffed. It creates strong and robust leather. It feels like velvet but is not like suede that processes from the inside. Lastly, the pigmented or painted leather finish is probably the most used in the leather furniture business. It has a more uniform appearance because the exterior is sprayed with a finishing agent.

Now that you know the various types of leather, the question is: why would you buy leather furniture over the other types of furniture? Though leather is among the most expensive types of furniture, there are certain significant advantages to buying leather furniture. Number one on the list is durability. All homeowners will surely enjoy leather furniture as long as it can last a long time. The durable leather furniture can last up to four times longer than the furniture made of fabric. At the same time, spills on leather are easily removable as compared to fabric.

Now, another reason to purchase leather is because of its tough nature. If you have kids running up and down the sofa together with your pet, you don’t have to worry with leather furniture. If you’ve got spills, just use a soft cloth and you’re done! It is so easy to clean! Now do you know that the older your leather furniture gets, the more it acquires that soft sheen called patina? It makes your leather look more attractive. Also, leather furniture is great for any season. It is warm during the winter season but at the same time cool during the summer season. Finally, people choose leather furniture above the rest because it is non-allergenic and has that stretchable feel to it.

If you are thinking of buying leather furniture, it’s good to know the various kinds of leather you can choose from. Also, you will want to know why leather furniture is so popular.

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